To counteract the passive intake of images that bombard us daily, my paintings entice the viewer to slow down and engage.  My art originates from time spent in remote landscape, hiking, camping-  being in nature. Back in my studio, this inspiring exposure yields flattened and juxtaposed abstract shapes of mountains, vistas, canyons, rivers and sea. Color is precisely chosen and hand-made from dispersion pigment.  Perspective is vast and skewed within the infinite expanse of monochromatic space. Occasional floating and fragmented geometric shapes allude to the man-made. Yet nature prevails in hills, trees, desert and pure color fields. Stylistically, my paintings share aspects of Asian art’s visual serenity, as well as Minimalist painting’s stark linear elegance. Through the openness and seemingly emptiness of my compositions, my paintings aim to evoke nature’s vibrancy, scale, strength, and stillness as an arresting visual pause from our digital media driven lives. I invite the viewer to enter these alternative places and honor our natural environment upon which we critically depend.